Sili hawa choo gayi sila badan chhil gaya – Gulzar

Sili hawa choo gayi sila badan chhil gaya
Neeli Nadi ke pare, Geela sa chaand khil gaya

The breeze tonight is wet It scrapes and wounds
Beyond the lake the moon Shrivels and droops

Tumse mili jo zindagi humne abhi boyi nahin
Tere siva koi na tha tere siva koi nahin

The life you sowed for me I’m yet to reap or live
Alone I breathe for you Alone I breathe for us

Jaane kahan kaise shaher Leke chala yeh dil mujhe
Tere bagair din na jala Tere bagair shab na bujhe

My soul ushered my corpse Into a strange city
The day is not ablaze Depart does not the night

Jitne bhi tai karte gaye badhte gaye yeh faasle
Milon se din chhod aaye saalon se raat leke chale

No matter how we tried The chasm only grew
The days We left behind today beckon and smile

In a treat for Gulzar fans on his 83rd birthday, his unreleased film Libaas is all set to hit the big screen this year.The unreleased title, made in 1988, was languishing in the archives of the Directorate of Film Festivals.

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