A poem on the Holy Quran by Dr. Pandit Shanker Dayal Sharma

This poem on the Holy Quran written some 35 years ago by the ninth President of India, Dr Pandit Shanker Dayal Sharma, says it beautifully. Please reflect on it and decide how TRUE it is today.

Amal ki kitab thi.   (It was a command for action.)

Dua ki kitab bana dia.   (You turned it into a book of prayer.)


Samajhne ki kitab thi.  (It was a Book to understand.)

Parhne ki kitab bana dia.  (You read it without understanding.)


Zindaon ka dastoor tha. (It was a code for the living.)

Murdon ka manshoor bana dia.  (You turned it into a manifesto of the dead.)


Jo ilm ki kitab thi. (That which was a book of knowledge;)

Usay la ilmon ke hath thama dia. (You abdicated to the ignoramus)


Taskheer-e-kayenaat ka dars denay aayi thi. (It came to give knowledge of Creation.)

Sirf madrason ka nisaab bana dia.  (You abandoned it to the madrassah.)


Murda qaumon ko zinda karne aayi thi.  (It came to give life to dead nations.)

Murdon ko bakhshwane per laga dia. (You used it for seeking mercy for the dead.)


Aye Musalmano ye tum nay kia kiya? (O’ Muslims! What have you done?)

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